Robert Perron lives with his girlfriend Irene Fusco in Manhattan just above the East Village. Irene anchors Robert’s life with love, support, and an invigorating environment for his writing.

Robert’s home of record remains with his youngest daughter, Jessie Perron, in Bedford, New Hampshire. New Hampshire also houses children Curtis Perron, Dawnmarie Brown-McGowan, and Brian Brown, while second-youngest Stephanie Perron lives cross-continent in Oakland, California.

Irene and Robert love trekking and traveling, so you are as likely to find them in the mountains of Switzerland or Peru as those of New York and New Hampshire.

In his writing, Robert likes to step into other people’s shoes, but themes and settings fall back on personal experience: formative years in rural New Hampshire, college and current years in New York City, Vietnam-era military service including 13 months on the Korean DMZ, a career in computers along the Greater Boston technology corridor, and extensive travel in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Robert Perron and Irene Fusco